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Ceda i Olgica foundation
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18 Oct 2019 | READ OUR FIRST NEWSLETTER about 'modern icons for the non-saintly' and other activities

From 29th of September until 13th of October Sicilian painter RE (Emanuela Ravida) will be artist in REsidence on ms Tisa. She will paint modern icons for the non-saintly. Opening reception 13th of October 15:00. Location: Spilsluizen 1007, Groningen  

15 Maart 2019 || trots en dankbaar! ONS FONDS honoreert onze aanvraag om de compositie Kéménymadár / asvogel / bird from the chimney door vier muzikanten te laten spelen en zo verder te ontwikkelen.

21 Nov 2018 || We have registered our new foundation